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Abdominal Ab Roller Fitness Wheel

Already achieved the right body weight and mass and now want to work on building your muscles? Then it is time for you to use the Abdominal Ab Roller Fitness Wheel! This simple yet highly impacting fitness trainer is all you need to build that flat abs.


  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE as all you need to do is secure the flatbed with your knees and roll the roller forward feeling the contraction on your abdomen.
  • EASY TO CARRY AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY as it comes with a built in tote bag so that you can bring them with you no matter where you are going – bring them with you to the office, to the gym or to a friends house so that you can train together!


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Product Details:

  • Material: PP + ABS + EVA
  • Color: Green, blue
  • Strip Length: 35-95cm(stretched)